RavPower 14000mAh Power Bank Review

A little over a month ago, XDA Developer TV Producer Jordan reviewed a device that was an external battery plus a plethora of options from RAVPower. Perhaps the most useful feature of that device is its battery, because while it is nice to have a Wireless Internet repeater, most of the time you just need to juice up your phone. So why buy a multipurpose device when you can get just a battery—and one of the biggest batteries we’ve seen, at that!

In this episode, XDA Developer TV Producer TK takes some time to talk about a unique smartphone accessory, the RavPower 14000mAh Power Bank. This device is marketed as a backup external battery charger.  And in a market full of external battery juicers, does this one stand out? Check out this video to find out.


Anker Astro E5 15000mAh Portable High Capacity Charger Review

For those of you not familiar with this, it is an Android phone based game that combines augmented reality and geocaching. The game is VERY HEAVY on battery usage on the Samsung GS2. During these meetups, I usually end up switching a battery out or leaching off of someone elses battery pack. So when Anker offered this to me for testing, I was all over it.

The pack came precharged about half way. As soon as I got it, I put it on to charge and it was fully charged within the 4 hour timeframe prior to the meetup. The device is charged using a micro USB port on the side. It did not come with a wall charger, which I found somewhat weird. What if I didn’t have a USB option to charge it with? It did come with a USB cable that had multiple options for connectors at the end. I only used the micro USB for my GS2 during my review time.

The device is very well built. It has a very nice little LED flashlight which came in handy during the late night meetup while walking down the streets of town. The device shows it’s charge through 4 lights on the device. When they are fully lit, it has that much charge (think 25% per light). When I started, all 4 lights were lit. I will say that my use of the external pack is probably different from many. I believe it is meant to recharge your device when it gets low. I personally use it as battery for my phone. So Ingress was running on my phone the entire time that the meetup was going on. We walked around town for about 4 hours or more. Once the meetup was done and I got back to my car, I pulled the E5 out of my back pocket and noticed 2 things right off the bat. First thing I noticed, it was cool to the touch (or as cool as it could be expected after sitting in my back pocket on a warm night). Second thing I noticed, I still had 4 charged lights on the pack! HOLY COW!! After 4 hours of continuous use (on the 1A side) there was very little drainage of the E5! Very nice! It’s great to have a product that I don’t have to worry about if a backup power source is needed! No more need for my second battery pack!! WOOT WOOT!

Anker E5 External Battery Charger


After this meetup, the E5 was stored in my car for almost a week. I checked it today prior to doing this review and it was still at 3 lights full!

So now for the usual pros and cons of the review:

Long lasting charge even after 4 hours of continuous use
Charges both Android and Apple devices simultaneously. It has a dedicated USB port for each of the technologies. You can use both for Android devices, but the Apple port will charge faster and could possibly damage your device.
LED Flashlight. Not a necessity, but it was really nice to have it as an option.
Multiple connectors on the USB cable. Allows for only one USB cable to be carried and quick switching between differently connected devices.
It charges the Lightning Adapter Apple products. I don’t have any of these personally. But I do know that it is the first Anker product that is built with that tech in mind.

No wall charger. You are expected to have a USB charging option. I guess this makes sense since the device is for recharging USB devices anyway. But I just felt like a wall charger could have been useful, especially if my PC USB ports are currently charging my USB devices…
Awkward to carry. I’d like to see a belt clip or something for these devices. Currently, it has to either go in my pocket or I have to carry it around. It may be different for you depending on your use.

Overall, this product went above and beyond my expectations. Now, if I could just find a way to carry it around without having to hold it in my pocket, increasing the temperature around it…

More Details

  • Smooth, ebony varnish allows you to power up in style, while 4 status LEDs keep you informed of remaining capacity. Built-in flashlight for dark or low-light environments.
  • Ultra-high density battery cells make this the world’s most compact 15000mAh external battery. Use a 5V / 1.5A adapter (not included) for fastest charging (9-10 hours).
  • Monster capacity (15000mAh) charges the iPhone almost 7 times, large-capacity phones like the Galaxy S4 4 times or almost a full charge to an iPad 3 / 4. In terms of power, this is the biggest, baddest battery in the Anker® mobile line.
  • Super-fast charge output (5V / 3A total) through dual USB ports (5V / 2A and 5V / 1A) allow for simultaneous charging of your iPad, iPhone, Android, and more at high speed.
  • Package contents: Anker® Astro E5 External Battery, Micro USB cable, travel pouch, instruction manual.

With such massive capacity, in such a compact package, the Anker® Astro E5 is perfect for flights, road trips, or just any time you’re away from an outlet.

From the manufacturer:

Enough power to go around.
Marooned? In transit? Forget your OEM adapter? With the Anker® Astro E5, prolong your battery life multiple times, wherever you are. Holding enough power to charge most smartphones 7-8 times, keep your gadgets going for days and still have juice left to share.

Strong but never slow.
In addition to capacity, the Anker® Astro E6 sports two concurrent, high-speed ports. So whether you’re charging an Apple or Android device, you’ll get the most out of your technology. We’ve also included connective adapters to ensure compatibility with most devices.

Designed around the details.
Just because the E5 packs a punch, doesn’t mean it can’t look nice. We went with a smooth, ebony finish to keep you traveling in style. Simple, unobtrusive features, such as one-touch status LEDs and a built-in flashlight, give you everything you need out of a battery without sacrificing aesthetics.

For optimal use.
• For simultaneous, max-speed charging of your Astro and other devices, check out Anker’s new 25W 5-port wall charger or dual-port 24W car charger.
• Compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other USB charged devices with a 5V charge input. The iPod nano, Samsung and Asus tablets and some GPS and Bluetooth devices are not supported.


We originally ran this piece back in March, but we figured the timing was right to re-run it as summer tour and festival season hits its stride. The Jackery works like a charm to give you plenty of additional mobile battery power. Also, this will be the final Technology Tuesday here on Hidden Track, so we just wanted to thank Parker Harrington for his incredible contributions over the past few years. Look for his new column on our new home.

Mobile batteries haven’t really been something to get excited about. A couple years ago they were novel but they are becoming as ubiquitous as smart phones themselves. All sorts of sizes & shapes have been floating around ranging from monster-sized bricks to form-fitting sleeves like Mophie’s Juice Pack. Yet, I’ve never quite found a portable charging solution that packed enough power, was portable enough, charged quick enough and was versatile enough to make it a great solution for portable charging needs.

Thankfully, Jackery has released three products that all offer ultra fast charging, huge capacity and fantastic form factors. The Mini (2,600 mAh), The Bar (5,600 mAh) and The Giant (10,400 mAh) all sport pretty stylish looks along with some cool features. Read on to learn why these Jackery products make for the best portable charging solutions available.

The Problem: When on the go, like traveling for business, hitting summer festivals or any other time you are away from AC sockets for an extended period, your gadgets crave power. Tablets, e-readers, smartphones, noise-canceling headphones, portable GPS units, gaming devices, portable music players – the list goes on and on. Some smartphone users, of course, have the luxury of removable batteries but having a spare battery only solves the recharging needs for that device. Many people, including iPhone users and Nexus 4 users, don’t have that ability. A portable, external battery can be a Godsend. However, many have charging rates of a slow trickle and don’t have much capacity even though they can be quite heavy. Also, many lose their power quite quickly, even when not charging. Jackery solves all these issues providing blazing fast charging, extremely lightweight, beefy capacity and can hold its power for six months.

The Mini: [$29.95] This is about the size of a lipstick tube and not much heavier, weighing just about 2.5 ounces and measuring 3.7″ x .9″ x .8″. Certainly easy enough to stash in a pocket or travel bag. Jackery claims that the mini is the world’s smallest external rechargeable battery. I love the size of this and perfect for a day of traveling when charging becomes a problem for your phone. Simply charge the mini by plugging into a USB port and four LED lights indicate power level. The sleek design and brushed metal feel absolutely great and extremely sturdy in your hand. The 1 Amp output is enough to quickly charge most devices. Packing 2,600 mAh you’ll get up to 50 hours of additional use out of your iPhone or similar devices.

The Bar: [$39.95] The Bar is mini’s big brother and about twice the size of The Mini. measuring 3.8″ x 1.8″ x .9″ and weighing a still light 5.4 ounces. I’ve been using The Bar for a couple weeks and couldn’t be happier with the results. Hands down the best portable battery I’ve ever used. Kicking out 2.1A of output, it is the world’s smallest portable battery with that much output. Your phone, tablet or other gadget will charge blazingly fast. With 5,600 mAh power capacity, you’ll be able to take your phone from empty to 100% charge several times. You can get well over 100 extra hours of use for most smartphones making at perfect for a multi-day trip when power will be a premium. In addition to charging, this one also sports an LED flashlight that illuminates brightly (can literally light up a dark room) for 450 hours. Wow! Just like the Mini, it feels sturdy, well made and looks great.

The Giant: [$59.95] If the Bar is the big brother, the Giant is the Grand-Daddy. This monster is still relatively light at 10 ounces and still portable at 4.3″ x 3.1″ x .8″. Packed into this device is 10,400 mAh with two output ports (one at 2.1A and one at 1A). There’s enough power in here to recharge an iPad from empty, several smartphones, and not even put a dent into the power. You can get up to 220 extra hours of operation from an iPhone which makes a perfect for a multi-day camping outing or hitting a multi-day music festival when charging could be an issue. The Giant also sports an LED flashlight.

All three devices have a few things in common:

  • You need to press a button to start charging after plugging your device in. This is part of their “power lock” technology which ensures that no power is lost when not actually charging. Several of the external batteries I’ve used in the past, trickle down a few percent every day when not in use. The quick button press may be inconvenient, especially if you forget to hit it when needing a quick charge, but I’ll trade that off any day knowing that they can hold their full charge in standby for up to six months.
  • They do come with a USB cord but it is relatively short – you may want to swap it out with a longer one to make charging more convenient.
  • There’s no AC plug built into the device so you have to charge via USB only. Charging is pretty quick for all of them but AC can sometimes be easier.
  • There’s advanced battery safety with four layers of protection ensuring safety for you and your devices.

Bottom Line: Again, there’s not much to say about portable batteries. Flimsy cases (my Mophie was RMA’ed three times when I had an iPhone), slow charging (.5A) and meager capacities are the norm for many alternatives. The Jackery products simply work. They are ruggedly made and look great. On top of that, for each size, they pack impressive output power and capacity. These are great batteries and you’d be well served to keep one in your travel kit.

Note: I just recently (like today) discovered a similar product to the Jackery Mini on one of my favorite websites: Monoprice. A very similar form factor and equal capacity and output. Only slightly longer but I haven’t evaluated this in person. For the frugal shoppers wanting to save an additional $10, the Battery Backup #9752 is worth consideration. I’ll check it out and update in a coming column.

Jackery Mini $29.95 on Amazon

Jackery Bar $39.95

Jackery Giant $59.95

New Trent iCarrier IMP120D Dual USB Power Pack

Roughly a dozen similar ultra-high-capacity batteries are being sold by reputable vendors these days, leaving iPad and iPhone users with two key decisions: how much they’re willing to pay, and how much extra battery life they really need for their devices. The batteries’ prices generally range from $70 to $130, with capacities varying from 6,000mAh to 12,000mAh; the former promises two or three recharges of an iPhone or iPod, while the latter can substantially or fully refuel certain iPads one time. These days, many of these batteries have two or three outbound USB ports should you want to share their power between multiple devices at once, and the best also include wall chargers so that you can refuel them quickly between uses. Having checked off all the right feature boxes, New Trent’s iCarrier IMP120D ($70) is a fascinating option, particularly because it’s now being sold at an incredibly appealing price point.

iCarrier’s appeal comes from three key factors. While the battery originally carried an MSRP of $120, it now officially retails for $70; most alternatives around this price point offer half as much battery power. In fact, New Trent’s 12,000mAh cell is one of the largest in the industry, eclipsing options from better-known brands we’ve covered over the past few years. Moreover, unlike almost all of its rivals, New Trent includes not only the battery, but also a wall charger to refuel it—an almost entirely positive feature.

Given these major assets, you’re probably wondering whether there’s any catch. There are three, but they’re not fatal to iCarrier’s appeal. One is the battery’s all-plastic construction: top rivals such as Just Mobile’s Gum Max Duo are made substantially but not entirely from metal, and sometimes include ruggedized exteriors to protect the cells from damage. iCarrier is similar to competitors such as Gum Max Duo in physical size but decidedly simpler in materials, interrupting a matte black plastic shell with a blue ring that runs across the center—a fine rather than great design. The ring contains two outbound USB ports, a power button, and a circular inbound recharging port. New Trent also includes a soft fabric carrying case and two USB cables that can’t be used with Apple devices; you’ll have to self-supply an Apple device charging cable, a common issue with many of the high-capacity batteries we’ve tested.

iCarrier’s wall adapter is the battery’s second issue: the only way to refuel iCarrier is to use New Trent’s charger, which uses a large proprietary circular plug rather than the micro-USB ports favored by competitors. The good news is that the wall adapter and battery work together to recharge at 2-Amp speeds, which is to say that iCarrier can go from empty to full in under eight hours rather than 16 or 32, a problem we’ve seen with a few big battery packs. If those recharging times seem inconceivable, that’s because 12,000mAh batteries can take longer than a full day to recharge using old USB ports; New Trent’s packed-in wall adapter guarantees that you won’t need to wait this long, but the plug design prevents you from refilling iCarrier without it.

While iCarrier’s industrial design isn’t fantastic, it’s entirely adequate. The otherwise simple rounded rectangular enclosure features a contoured power button on the same edge with the twin USB ports, and three small battery level indicators (“low,” “mid,” “high”) provide a sense of how much energy remains inside if you tap the power button, with the “low” light flashing as the battery comes close to the end of a charging cycle. This isn’t bad, but more deluxe high-capacity batteries have far more granular remaining power indicators that can help you manage your time better both during device and battery recharging. Another modest design issue is the somewhat confusing labeling of the battery’s ports, which are only labeled “Output 1” and “Output 2.” You’ll need to flip the battery over and look at its bottom to learn that Output 1 is capped at 1-Amp output—ideal for iPhones and iPods—while Output 2 is the higher peak speed 2.1-Amp port made for use with iPads. It wouldn’t have been too difficult to label the ports “1-Amp Output” and “2.1-Amp Output” for greater clarity.

iCarrier’s power performance was a bit better than expected. On average, we would expect a 12,000mAh battery to deliver a 69% recharge for a fourth-generation iPad, and iCarrier went a little beyond that, bringing the tablet from 25% to 96%—a 71% recharge in just over five hours. The original iPad, iPad 2, and iPad mini can get a full recharge from iCarrier; the third- and fourth-generation iPads will fall short, as they’re particularly power-hungry. iPhone users should expect four to five recharges from iCarrier, depending on the iPhone model they’re using; iPod users will generally see five or more. New Trent’s performance is only noteworthy because we’ve seen a few batteries in this class fall markedly below their promised recharging capacities, as well as their advertised speeds; thankfully, iCarrier’s peak recharging speeds were completely consistent with its 2.1-Amp claim.

Our only concern would be longevity. New Trent promises that iCarrier will last for over 500 recharge cycles, but the warranty is extremely limited—180 days if you bought directly from the company and registered the product, no warranty if purchased elsewhere or left it unregistered. Sketchy warranty policies aren’t surprising, particularly for batteries, but given that New Trent isn’t a particularly well-known vendor, you’ll have to decide whether to take the risk of failure. The low price may help make your decision easier.

There’s a lot to love about iCarrier: New Trent is offering an ultra-high-capacity battery pack that’s hard to fault as delivered. Its assets include best-of-breed capacity, highly aggressive pricing, and an included high-speed wall charger, while its issues are relatively modest—second-tier body materials, a proprietary refueling interface, and a lack of Apple-specific cables. While the warranty issues raise a bit of a red flag, particularly if you’re buying iCarrier through a third party vendor, these concerns are generally forgivable for the price, from our perspective. All things considered, iCarrier merits a modestly caveated A- rating and our high recommendation; give it very serious consideration if you’re looking for an ultra-high-capacity battery for your Apple device.



Review: New Trent Travelpak battery pack

New Trent Travelpak battery pack

New Trent Travelpak battery pack

As the devices we carry grow more and more power hungry, so does our need to supplement them when we are away from outlets and car chargers. Because of this issue, external battery packs and cases of all shapes, sizes, and capacities have flooded the mobile accessory market over the past several years. I personally have a Mophie Juice Pack Helium for my iPhone 5, which  have been pretty happy with. However, the three other battery packs in my possession are far more underwhelming. Between them, they all have different charging connectors, different capacities, and one is even saddled with an old-school 30-pin dock connector. Thanks to their underwhelming performance, I barely pay attention to all of the new batteries that are coming out all the time.

Despite being a bit jaded on this subject, I did take notice of the announcement of New Trent’s Travelpak and Travelpak+ two weeks ago. In a category full of “me-too” items, here was a product that actually stood out. It has an integrated AC wall outlet connector for recharging without cables, high battery capacities in both models, and best of all, it will simultaneously charge two devices via its USB Outputs while recharging its own battery. In other words, this isn’t just another battery pack that results in a tangle of chords and won’t get your device all the way back to 100%. The New Trent Travelpaks can legitimately replace two different accessories in your gear bag, and for a road warrior like me, that’s worth taking notice of.


Travelpak’s basic black design is very simple and non-descript, with only the logo and LED charging indicator standing out.

The AC wall outlet plug conveniently folds into the bottom of the Travelpak, making it much easier to carry and sit on flat surfaces while charging on the go.

The Travelpak has two USB Outputs on the bottom for charging whatever smartphones, media players, and accessories you may have with you.

Both of the Travelpak’s outputs are 1 Amp, while the Travelpak+ has one 1 Amp port, and one 2 Amp port for recharging larger devices, such as tablets.

The Travelpak has a single On/Off button on the right side.

This button enables the pak to recharge via the 2 USB outputs while unplugged from the wall. Note that, when the Travelpak is plugged into an AC outlet, there is no need to turn it on to charge via the outputs. It does so automatically.


When it comes to mobile chargers and backup batteries, design is nice, but performance is the only thing that really matters. Thankfully, this is where the Travelpak really delivers. First of all, as already mentioned, its versatility really makes it stand out. I used to carry a standard dual USB charger from Griffin in my gear bag every day, but since I got the Travelpak, this old charger has found its way to the drawer. Since the Travelpak can charge both my iPhone and iPad Mini both either at home or in the hotel room at night, and while out and about via its internal battery, there isn’t a need to carry a bunch of USB chargers around anymore. Now, I carry one extra Apple brick, and that’s it.

The real measure of the Travelpak is in its battery performance. Clocking in at 4000 mAh, the Travelpak has enough juice to charge any current iPhone at least three and a half times. So, you can plug two iPhones or iPod Touches in, completely recharge both of them, and still have some charge left over. Even better, the standard Travelpak has just enough juice to bring your iPad Mini back to life if its running low. Considering that I carry an iPhone 5 and an iPad Mini with me everyday, the Travelpak is a perfect fit. When I leave the house or hotel for the day, I know I’m covered.

For those who carry larger tablets with them on the go, the Travelpak+ is going to be the better choice. At 7000 mAh, it isn’t quite big enough to fully recharge an iPad 2-4, but it can get you from over 50% to 90%, depending on your device and your device’s current battery charge. Also, the addition of a 2.1 Amp USB Output is a big plus in general, as it will not only recharge a tablet in a reasonable amount of time, but also smartphones and smaller devices lightning fast.



I received a standard Travelpak for this review, and I came away impressed during my field testing. There were a few small minuses, however. First, the Travelpak is a bit bulky. While I believe its performance is worth the size and weight, it may not be the best choice for those who are looking for a small battery that can be carried around in their pocket.

Second, charging and recharging aren’t blazing fast. This may be a bit different with the Travelpak+, since it has a 2 Amp output, but the 1 Amp outputs aren’t going to set any speed records. However, as long as you give the Travelpak and your devices some time, such as overnight, to recharge.

Last, while the LED charge indicator is clear and easy to see, it’s maybe a bit too easy to see. It is quite bright, and since it is on the front of the Travelpak, it can be pretty annoying at night if you don’t prefer a night light. I have to find a spot for it that isn’t too exposed when I am in a hotel room, so it won’t keep me awake. This isn’t the end of the world, but it would have been nice if you could turn the LED off if you don’t prefer to see it at night.

Despite these small gripes, the New Trent Travelpak and Travelpak+ pass both the eye and performance tests. Also, at $44.95 and $54.95 respectively, the Travelpaks are also a good value. Many other battery packs with fewer features will run you more money, so the price is definitely right. While, there are definitely higher capacity batteries on the market, the Travelpaks win in my book due to the practical size, pass through charging, and reasonable price. At only $10 more, I would personally recommend the Travelpak+, due to its 2 Amp output, but either of these battery packs will make a fine choice for anyone looking for a versatile device to keep their mobile gadgets charged up, both at home and while away.

The New Trent Travelpak is available from New Trent for $44.95. The New Trent Travelpak+ is available from New Trent for $54.95.

The New Trent Travelpak was provided by New Trent for review on iSource. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.



RAVPower Qi-Enabled Wireless Charging Pad review

I hate cable-clutter, and oh how I do love wireless charging. It is a shame Apple has not led the way in this technology, and it is one of the many reasons I have recently switched from the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy Note 3 w/Qi-enabled back cover. I have tried the Nokia 901 Fatboy pillow, Brando, and TYLT stands but have yet to try a flat plastic plate/pad style Qi charger. When Julie asked if I would like to try the Qi-enable wireless charging pad by RAVPower…my response was “but of course!!!”

RAVPower wireless charger

RAVPower wireless charger

RAVPower includes the Qi pad, microUSB cable, USB power plug, and instruction manual.


  • Output 5V, 1A max
  • InputDC 5V, 1.5A
  • Weight 4.5oz
  • Size 5.7″ x 3.11″ x 0.31″
RAVPower wireless charger

RAVPower wireless charger

The RAVPower Qi-enabled wireless charging pad is nicely constructed from a strong, glossy plastic. It is a little smaller than my Note 3 and weighs in at 4.5 oz – ideal for your nightstand, desk, tech-travel companion, etc. The ring in its center is rubber and is designed to hold your device in place. It is powered via microUSB cable, which is very convenient compared to other Qi-chargers that use a proprietary cable interface.

The RAVPower wireless charging mat works very well. Where some of the other Qi chargers I have used took a few tries to get my smartphone perfectly placed, I have yet to have that issue with this simple, yet effective accessory.

The PAVPower pad has an indicator light at its base that is constantly red when plugged in and ready to charge. Once you place your Qi-enabled device on it, the indicator light flashes red/white. It also makes a single electronic beep when you set your device down, letting you know everything is properly situated and your battery is being charged. Because of its built-in energy saver, once your smartphone or tablet is charged or removed from the RAVPower mat, it automatically goes into idle mode.

The RAVPower Qi-enabled wireless charging pad is also available in black.

RAV is an acronym for Reliable Affordable Value and in the case of RAVPower’s Qi charging pad, that is a fair and true statement. While not in the shape of a pillow or stand, the RAVPower Qi charging pad, mat, plastic slab or whatever you call it definitely gets the job accomplished.


RAVPower Review & Giveaway

I’m a big fan of portable power. I use my phone as a phone/camera/notebook/etc., I take my iPad along with us on most trips, my husband uses his phone for multiple tasks, and we usually have our laptops with us on long trips. With all that technology, we need a backup plan! While I try to be careful about our battery lives, I always make sure we have a portable power pack with us in case of an emergency or if we’re in an area where we just cant find a place to plug in. I’m always interested in trying out new power products and was glad to have the chance to try out some new power sources from RAVPower that are not only functional but also quite stylish.

RAVPower External Battery Charger pack/ power bank

RAVPower External Battery Charger pack/ power bank

RAVPower External battery Charger power bank

RAVPower External battery Charger power bank

RAVPower Luster 6000 mAh External Battery in Pink – First off, the color is so fun! I love the bright pop of the pink – definitely makes it stand out. This battery pack supports several models of smart phones, cell phones, tablets, e-readers and laptops. When fully charged this pack can run your iPhone 5 for 15 hours, plus 40 hours extra talk and an additional 150 hours extra of music for most mobile phones! It has a security protection design in case of short-circuits or over-currents, so your devices are always safe when plugged in to the charger. It also has an LED power bar that lets you know the status of your charge at all times, so you’re never left guessing. This battery pack is just over 5 ounces, making it incredibly light and easy to carry. It’s slim design is perfect for your purse, diaper bag, backpack, briefcase, or even your pocket. Included with the battery is a USB to micro USB charging cable, a user’s guide, and a draw-string carrying pouch. It’s available in four different colors and is only $29.99 on Amazon. This is a great battery to take along if you, your spouse, and kids are all packing electronic devices.

RAVPower Luster 3000 mAh External Battery in Gold – this little battery can give you up to 8 hours of talk time on your iPhone. It’s a great battery to give you that extra boost you may need after a long day of using your phone or tablet. It also has an LED status bar to keep you in the know about just how much power you have left. The size is fantastically small and slim and can really fit anywhere – you can even clip it on to your belt if you want! I like that this battery also functions as a flashlight. I think it’s important to have a flashlight hand for emergencies and like the dual-function of this piece. With three light modes, you can use this to help get around in the dark. This battery fit nicely in the side pocket of my purse and it’s so light that it’s is something I can carry with me at all times without adding any extra weight or bulk. At only $19.99 and available in five different colors, this would make a great gift for a college student who can throw this in their backpack, or even a new mom who can carry it in a diaper bag. It’s a great comfort knowing you can get an extra charge when you may need it most – stuck with a car that won’t start, or if you lose your keys while you’re out and need to call for help.

The RAV in RAVPower stands for Reliable Affordable Value. Around since 2011, RAVPower specialize in replacement laptop batteries and AC adapters, external battery power banks, replacement cell phone batteries, and various battery chargers. Each of their products are tested before packaging, and each and every product they sell are CE, RoHS, and FCC certified. They use only grade A batteries and premium micro chips in their products and strive for 100% customer satisfaction, making premium products that are affordable and backed-up with technical and warranty support.


Review: RAVPower’s ‘Power Bank’ Offers Impressive iDevice Charging On-The-Go

If you’ve been searching the Web for a decent portable battery for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then look no further. RAVPower’s “Dynamo On-The-Go” Power Bank offers an impressive power reserve that can see an iPhone 5s through as many as seven to eight recharges, or an iPad mini through more than three (without the portable battery itself requiring an energy top-up).

It’s safe to say that after having used RAVPower’s Power Bank for a few days now, we’re impressed. How impressed, you ask? Let’s find out.

The Product

RAVPower 14000mAh External battery charger, power bank

RAVPower 14000mAh External battery charger, power bank

RAVPower 14000mAH External Battery Charger is a rectangular-shaped product, featuring two USB ports, a further port for charging the battery pack itself, a battery life status bar LED, and a flashlight LED (a random addition, we admit, but nevertheless useful). The Power Bank features a plastic black and silver exterior, with the “RAVPower” logo printed on the top and information concerning the Power Bank featuring on the back. It feels sturdy, though obviously dropping the Power Bank isn’t advised.

Most impressive, however, is the size of the Power Bank’s battery. Though I’ve used a number of portable, iDevice-compatible battery packs in the past, RAVPower’s offering is easily the most impressive. With a 14,000 mAh high-capacity battery, the Power Bank has the ability to recharge an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 between seven and eight times, an iPad 4 around 1.2 times, and an iPad mini over three times. Charging up the Power Bank itself takes a while, of course, and users are advised to do this overnight; however, with a battery size of 14,000 mAh, this is expected, and is a small price to pay for the consistent amount of power delivered by RAVPower’s product.

RAVPower 14000mAh External battery charger pack

RAVPower 14000mAh External battery charger pack

The status bar LED allows users to quickly check on the power remaining in their Power Bank, and the number of blue LED lights indicates how much charge remains (with four indicating 100-75 percent, three indicating 75 to 50 percent, two indicating 50 to 25 percent, and one signaling that the Power Bank has 25 percent or less of its 14,000 mAh battery power left to use). It’d be nice to have a more accurate indicator, especially when the Power Bank drops to that last LED, however this is only a minor qualm and isn’t something users will find particularly problematic.

Included with the Power Bank are a number of cables: a Nokia DC 2.0, a Micro 5-pin, a Samsung 30-pin, a Mini 5-pin, and an Apple 30-pin connector. Though no Lightning cable was included, prospective customers can use their own Lightning USB cable to charge their iDevice with the Power Bank.

Plus, because the product has two USB ports, users can charge up two iDevices simultaneously.

All in all, I’ve found RAVPower’s Power Bank to be an impressive product, and would highly recommend the portable battery to anyone looking for a powerful power reserve to use while on-the-go.

RAVPower 14000mAh External Battery Charger pack

RAVPower 14000mAh External Battery Charger pack

The Good

  • Impressive battery life
  • Portable
  • Two USB ports
  • Affordable
  • Includes a pouch for the Power Bank

The Bad

  • Doesn’t ship with a Lightning cable

Our Advice

RAVPower’s Power Bank is easily the best portable charger I’ve ever used, and as such I highly recommend this product. It’s difficult to find fault with the accessory; even our one criticism isn’t going to pose a real problem for Lightning-equipped iDevice users (it certainly didn’t hinder my use of the Power Bank). I also feel that RAVPower’s price is right, and that the Power Bank is an affordable iDevice accessory well worth the cash.


Aesthetic Appeal: ★★★★☆
Wow Factor: ★★★★★
Build Quality: ★★★★★
Value: ★★★★★

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Anker 2nd Gen Astro 6000mAh (2A Output) External Battery Charger

Anker® 2nd Gen Astro 6000mAh (2A Output) External Battery Charger with PowerIQ Technology for iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad Air, mini, Galaxy, Nexus and other Smartphones and Tablets (Apple adapters – 30 pin and lightning, Samsung 30-pin adapter, not included)


Anker 2nd Gen. Astro 6000mAh Portable External Battery

Anker 2nd Gen. Astro 6000mAh Portable External Battery

Price:     $59.99
Sale:     $29.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35
You Save:     $30.00 (50%)                                                                       buy-now

Product details:

  • The smart charging port, powered by PowerIQ™ technology, intelligently identifies each connected device and speaks its language – guaranteeing the fastest charge time for EVERY device (up to 2 Amps).
  • 6000 mAh of capacity and an energy efficiency rate 10% above previous generation Astros and many current standard alternatives charges the iPhone three times and large-capacity phones like the Galaxy S4 almost twice.
  • A “shake” starts a charge or displays the remaining power level. The ultra-low power consumption (100000 shakes consume less than 1%) 10-LED power meter balances accuracy and aesthetics.
  • Sturdy construction and matte finish withstand bumps and drops. Grade A cells and premium chips ensure reliability. Input: 5V / 1A; Use a 1A adapter (not included) with the included USB cable for the fastest charging time (6 hours).
  • Package contents: Anker® 2nd Generation Astro External Battery, micro USB cable, user manual.
Anker 2nd Gen. Astro 6000mAh Portable External Battery

Anker 2nd Gen. Astro 6000mAh Portable External Battery

Technical Details

Color: Green
  • The smart charging port, powered by PowerIQ™ technology, intelligently identifies each connected device and speaks its language – guaranteeing the fastest charge time for EVERY device (up to 2 Amps).
  • 6000 mAh of capacity and an energy efficiency rate 10% above previous generation Astros and many current standard alternatives charges the iPhone three times and large-capacity phones like the Galaxy S4 almost twice.
  • A “shake” starts a charge or displays the remaining power level. The ultra-low power consumption (100000 shakes consume less than 1%) 10-LED power meter balances accuracy and aesthetics.
  • Sturdy construction and matte finish withstand bumps and drops. Grade A cells and premium chips ensure reliability. Input: 5V / 1A; Use a 1A adapter (not included) with the included USB cable for the fastest charging time (6 hours).
  • Package contents: Anker® 2nd Generation Astro External Battery, micro USB cable, user manual.



[2-in-1] RAVPower 7800mAh External Battery Pack Charger / LED Camping Lantern

[2-in-1] RAVPower® Duo 7800mAh External Battery Pack Charger / LED Camping Lantern, Perfect for Outdoor Activities and Charging Apple iPad Air, The New iPad , iPad Mini 2, Mini, iPhone 5S, 5C, 4S; Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 3, Note 2; Google Nexus 4, 5, 7; HTC Sensation, One X V S, EVO 4G, 8X, Thunderbolt; Nokia Lumia 1020 920 900 N9; and Other Mobile Devices



List Price: $89.99
Price: $39.99 & FREE Shipping
You Save: $50.00 (56%)                                                                                      buy-now

Product details:

  • A 7800 mAh high capacity gives you 6 extra hours of juice for your iPhone 5, 15 hours of extra talk time, and 60 extra hours music for most mobile phones.
  • 8 LED lights can act as an outdoor camping or flashlight. It bulbs can last for more than 72 hours without charging other devices in full power. It’s a great safety feature when you find yourself without light.
  • Camouplage Patten, perfect for outdoor. 4 LED Intelligent status led lights indicate the current battery status
  • Input: 5V 1.2A; Output: USB DC 5V 1.2A; Input charging time: 7-8 hours via AC adapter (not included)
  • Package contents: 1 RAVPower 7800mAh External Battery, 1 USB power wire, user manual.

B00AFQ957I_e B00AFQ957I_d

Product Description
RAVPower Duo (RP-PB16) is an absolute necessity for the seasoned outdoor person or the occasional family camping trip. Its 7800mAh battery capacity, powered by LG battery cells, provides all the juice needed to ensure you are always connected to your mobile phone or tablet. Its lantern-shaped design and built-in 8 LEDs can give you over 72 hours of continuous LED lighting, so you will never be caught in the dark! 
Capacity: 7800mAh
Input: DC 5V / 1.2A (Standard Micro USB Port)
Output: DC 5V / 1.2A
Warranty: 12 Months Warranty

- iPad Air 4 3 2,iPad Mini 2, Mini, iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S 4,iPod (please use the original 8Pin / 30Pin Cable from Apple)
-1 x Micro USB Charging Cable:
SmartPhones: Samsung / HTC / LG / Motorola / BlackBerry / Nokia / Google / Sony…
Tablets & eReader: Google Nexus 7 / Nexus 10
- Other cell phone, MP3, MP4, digital camera, and other with DC 5V input

Moreover, AC Adapter is not included. For max-speed charging of your RAVPower Duo, please check out RAVPower RP-CC01 15.5W / 3.1A Car Charger and RP-UC05 3.1A Dual USB Wall Charger.